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Life is meant for adventure.  Every day is an opportunity to explore, delight the senses, and marvel at the beauty of the earth.

Let us discover the world together.

Welcome to Gillivanting! The destination for transforming your travel dreams into reality. As an avid traveler and professional researcher, planning your next vacation would be a privilege. We will curate a custom itinerary to your desired destination that fits your current lifestyle. Our boutique travel planning services allow you to focus on what the heart desires. We know the questions to ask for planning your weekend getaway, honeymoon, family holiday, solo travel, all-inclusive tropical escape, off-the-beaten path experience, cruising adventure, and all that is in between.


And, the best part? You are already paying for these services when booking travel on your own. Book with us instead, so you can reap the full benefits of your dollar. We do the legwork focusing on the details and necessary logistics. As an extra bonus, our relationships in the travel industry will often elevate your travel experiences. 


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