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About Gillivanting

Welcome to Gillivanting, travel planning services run by a travel specialist who loves to share her adventures with the world. As an adult, Caroline has explored forty countries across six continents and lived the expat life. She has traveled solo, in large groups, with her husband, and her four young children.


Her travel experience also includes flying over half a million miles in the corporate world conducting operational aviation safety research as an engineering psychologist. She has expert knowledge pertaining to airplane travel and understands how to ask the right questions to best fit her client needs. Her research and organization skills are top-notch.

As an ET Family Travel Affiliate, a Platinum Earmarked Travel Agency, Caroline also specializes in planning premium Disney destination experiences. Visiting Disney several times as a child was the catalyst for her love of travel and desire to explore the world. And, for four years, she lived just down the I-4 from Walt Disney World in Tampa. 


Here, you will find travel stories, tips, and inspirations for your next adventure. Our team of travel experts can help you plan your next trip, whether it’s a solo adventure or a family vacation. We specialize in off-the-beaten-path destinations and premium experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime. So join us on our journey around the world and let’s explore together! 


Meet Caroline, enjoying Riga Black Balsam in Latvia on a cozy fall day.

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